Midwest Summer Engagement | Aaron + Heidi


I first met Aaron & Heidi through my fiancé's dental program. They both are extremely fun to hang around, and I always enjoyed spending time with them at dental school events. So, when they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was FREAKING THRILLED. Like not even in a chill way, like WOW YESSSS I GOTTA DO THIS YESSSSSSS!

Their engagement session was amaaaaaazing. I was pretty skeptical, moving to Nebraska, thinking to myself 'how will I ever find cool areas to shoot in - all Nebraska has is cornfields and barns'. To my pleasant surprise, over the years, I've been discovering over and over again how beautiful this state is. All the photos from this session were taken in Lincoln, Nebraska. Some of the old factory buildings in the city lend to great areas to shoot around, as well as the old steal lying around in different areas. That, mixed with endless midwest fields, to me creates a perfectly classic midwest engagement session.

Sometimes things just come together and work. Even though it was over 90 degrees and extremely humid, we sweat every second of this engagement session, the sun shined right and we captured some awesome moments - and that's what this job is all about!

Matthew Schueller

Matthew Schueller Photography, Lincoln, NE