Omaha Summer Wedding | Quinn & Renae

Hi there...

Where to start, where to start... I first met Quinn & Renae last winter, when they found my photography work through a friend of theirs. Upon meeting them, I instantly knew that I had to photograph their wedding. They are such an easy-going and warm-hearted couple. For a photographer, these attributes make it incredibly fun to photograph their story and capture the love they have for one another. 

A View in Fontanelle Hills is a beautiful little gem nestled into a small community of houses; scattered among forests and a refreshingly hilly landscape for midwest standards. There is a sprawling golf course located just outside of the venue, and the building hosts a geometrically pleasing deck with ample room for a ceremony (one of my favorite parts of the venue)!

The drive to Omaha had me a little nervous as the morning was a concerning windy rainy mix. The weather report was a gamble as to whether or not it would lift for the afternoon outdoor ceremony. Approximately ten minutes prior to the arrival of the wedding party at the venue, the rain cleared, the clouds lifted, and the weather abruptly changed into a perfectly sunny and clear day. It was amazing, surprising and very on-theme for this wedding.

I have just sent the wedding package to Quinn & Renae, containing all of the photos from their set. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to capture their wedding, and I wanted to share a sample of shots just to give you a little glimpse of the magic of the day.

Matthew Schueller

Matthew Schueller Photography, Lincoln, NE